10 Dec 2015

(Survey) What do you think about SHelfinger?

(Survey) What do you think about SHelfinger?
[heading type=”h2″ underlined=”false” no_top_padding=”false” no_bottom_padding=”false”]Information Survey[/heading]

It is always important to know what our visitors and clients are thinking about a company. We was in the last days thinking about how to ask them. Email? To complicated with the redirection, Phone? To expensive, we want not to increase our prices, just because of that, SHelfinger review? Yes, that’s right. You have the choice to apply on the survey or not. It’s free and costs less then 5 minutes of your time. With those information we want to make us better, more attractive and of course we want to show our clients what we’re capable of.

You want also a survey? Drop us a line on our contact page, and we will be back to you soon (Normally within 24 hours).

[heading type=”h2″ underlined=”false” no_top_padding=”false” no_bottom_padding=”false”]How to apply?[/heading]

To apply on our survey please follow this link here, you’ll be redirected to our “Communications-Sub domain” where all our newsletter and notification for our clients are based.

[button link=”http://goo.gl/YTSTN4″ open_new_tab=”true”]Survey[/button] [heading type=”h2″ underlined=”false” no_top_padding=”false” no_bottom_padding=”false”]Privacy rules[/heading]

We always respect your privacy, take a look at our privacy policy to know what we’re doing with your information and with whom we’re sharing this information. (Our information where you gave us, will stay by us). When you provide us information and you want to delete it again, please feel free to send us a request.